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Disneyland celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year with dynamic cultural activities******Xinhua。

Disney characters, Tigger, dressing in Chinese festive attire and greeting visitors.。

Disney's California Adventure Park kicked off celebrations of the Year of the Tiger Friday, featuring a string of Chinese culturally-themed performances, art shows, lantern decorations and Asian-inspired dishes.。

Visitors from around the world joined the special celebrations which run from January 21 through February 13, immersed in a festival atmosphere and sharing wishes for good health, luck and prosperity throughout the year ahead.。

The 2022 Chinese Lunar New Year falls on February 1. It is based on a 12-year Zodiac cycle of characters, with 2022 being the Year of the Tiger.。

The colorful Chinese Lunar New Year theme has turned the park into a sea of red and gold – the Chinese New Year's traditional colors – and a wonderland of festive Asian holiday cheer.。

This year's Lunar New Year celebrations highlighted a new float for China's legendary warrior character Mulan, accompanied by traditional Chinese drummers performing powerful rhythms.。

Decorated in red and gold to symbolize good fortune and happiness, the float features bright bunches of red firecrackers that hang together with golden tassels, and delicate red and gold lanterns come aglow for after-sunset performances.。

During the procession, Mulan and her wisecracking dragon friend Mushu were surrounded by performers bringing cultural artistry and dance to life.。

Disney characters, including Tigger, Mulan and Mushu, Mickey and Minnie, and the Three Little Pigs, all dressed in Chinese festive attire, and greeted visitors.。

San Francisco-based musical group Melody of China performed a fusion of Chinese folk, classical and contemporary instrumentals.。

During Disney's Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations, park visitors could enjoy traditional Asian fare, like Shrimp Fried Rice, Char Siu Pork Bao, and many others.。

They are also invited to try Chinese arts and crafts, such as Chinese calligraphy, and dragon's pearl coloring craft.。

"It is amazing to see Mulan float," Jailyn Mitchell, a local visitor, told Xinhua.。

"I love Chinese culture, and I like the different ways to celebrate it," said Mitchell, who has experienced Disney's Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations for several times.。

Alexa Garcia, a Disneyland Resort spokesperson, told Xinhua the Lunar New Year celebrations have been a "fan favor" for a few years, showing diversified cultures and offering a lot of fun things for visitors to do, to see, and to taste.。

People love to experience and engage in Chinese culture in different ways, she said.。











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睡眠质量对每个人尤为重要,但对青少年特别是在关键! 之前的科学研究通常仅仅将睡眠不足与身心健康不给力、学业成绩不佳和个人行为问题的风险性提升联络起來。但全新研究表明,睡眠不足也会提升青少年增重和别的心血管新陈代谢病症的风险性,由于青少年睡眠不足时饮食结构也会越来越更差。

Teens not getting enough sleep may consume 4.5 extra pounds of sugar during a school year。

Sleep is vital for all people but is particularly important for teenagers as their bodies undergo significant development during their formative years. Unfortunately, most teens aren't getting enough sleep. Data from the American Academy of Pediatrics found that 73% of high school students are getting less than the recommended eight to ten hours of sleep each night.。

睡眠质量对每个人尤为重要,但对青少年特别是在关键,由于她们正处在人体快速生长发育的历程中。但实际上,大部分青少年都睡眠不足。英国儿科护理学会的数据信息强调,73% 的高中学生每天晚上睡觉时间低于强烈推荐的 8 到 10 钟头。

Prior research has linked lack of sleep to increased risk for poor mental health, poor academic performance, and behavioral problems. But new research from BYU conducted at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center says insufficient sleep also increases the risk of weight gain and other cardiometabolic diseases among teenagers because teens have worse dietary habits when they sleep less.。


"Shortened sleep increases the risk for teens to eat more carbs and added sugars and drink more sugar-sweetened beverages than when they are getting a healthy amount of sleep," said Dr. Kara Duraccio, BYU clinical and developmental psychology professor and lead author of the study.。

“睡觉时间减少会提升青少年摄入大量糖类与碳水化合物和加上糖及其食用大量含糖饮料的风险性,”杨百翰大学临床医学和发展心理学专家教授、该科学研究的关键参加者 Kara Duraccio 博士说。

This research, which was recently published in the medical journal SLEEP, analyzed the sleeping and eating patterns of 93 teenagers during two sleep conditions: spending six and a half hours each night in bed for one week (short sleep) and spending nine and a half hours each night in bed for another week (healthy sleep). Researchers measured the caloric intake, macronutrient content, food types, and the glycemic load of foods eaten by teens.。

此项近期发布在学术期刊《睡眠》上的探讨剖析了 93 名青少年在二种睡觉时间下的睡眠质量和饮食搭配方式:每日只睡6个半小时,不断一周(睡眠时间短),随后下一周睡觉时间调节为9个半小时(健康睡眠)。科学研究工作人员对这种青少年所吃食物热量摄入、变量定义营养元素成分、食材种类和血糖值负载开展了检测。

The results found that teenagers undergoing short sleep consumed more foods that were likely to spike blood sugar fast—things like foods high in carbs and added sugar, or sugary drinks, compared to when they were in healthy sleep. These changes largely occurred in the late evening (after 9:00 pm). Teens getting short sleep also ate fewer fruits and vegetables across the entire day, compared to healthy sleep.。

結果发觉,与健康睡眠时对比,青少年在睡眠时间短的阶段摄入了大量很有可能使血糖值迅速上升的食材,例如高碳水化合物和加上糖的食材或含糖饮料。这种转变关键出现在深更半夜(夜里 9:00 以后)。与健康睡眠时对比,这种青少年在睡眠时间短时24小时摄入的水果和蔬菜也越来越少。

"What's interesting is that getting less sleep didn't cause teens to eat more than their peers getting healthy sleep; both groups consumed roughly the same amounts of calories of food. But getting less sleep caused teens to eat more junk," said Duraccio. "We suspect that tired teens are looking for quick bursts of energy to keep them going until they can go to bed, so they're seeking out foods that are high in carbs and added sugars."。

“有意思的是,与健康睡眠的同年龄人对比,睡眠不足并不会造成青少年吃得大量;2组耗费食物热量基本相同。但睡眠不足会造成青少年吃大量的油炸食品,”Duraccio 博士说。 “大家猜疑睡眠质量较少的青少年常常必须迅速填补动能为此来保持活力,因此她们已经找寻含有糖类与碳水化合物和加上糖的食材。”。

The research found that teens in short sleep consumed 12 extra grams of sugar each day. With most teenagers not getting sufficient sleep during the 180 nights of a school year, an extra 12 grams of added sugar each day could result in over 4.5 pounds of extra sugar each year.。

研究发现,睡眠时间短的青少年每日会附加摄入12克的糖。依照学员一年在学校期内180来天测算,这种睡眠不足的日子很有可能造成每一年附加摄入 4.5 磅糖。

"We know that pediatric obesity is an epidemic, and we've focused on a lot of interventions to try and address it, but sleep is not one of the things that researchers tend to focus on," said Duraccio. "If we are really trying to discover preventative strategies or interventions to increase optimal weight in teens, getting enough and well-timed sleep should be at the forefront of our efforts."。

“我们知道,儿童肥胖症早已变成一种愈来愈普遍的传染病,大家早已采用很多干涉对策来试着处理它,但大家对睡眠质量并并不是太关心,”Duraccio 博士说。 “如果我们确实想寻找让青少年维持健康体重的对策,那麼最先要让她们有着充足的睡眠時间。”。




















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