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Analysis: Four things we learned in Spain's Matchday 12******

MADRID, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- The 12th round of games in La Liga saw Sevilla and Real Madrid close the gap at the top of the table as Real Sociedad were held in a tense Basque derby on Sunday night. Here are some things we learned this weekend in Spain。

1. Barca problems run deeper than Koeman。

Anyone who watched FC Barcelona's 1-1 draw at home to Alaves on Saturday night will have drawn the conclusion that the club's issues can't be solved just by getting rid of Ronald Koeman. Although sacking the increasingly entrenched Dutchman last Thursday was surely the right thing to do given the increasingly hostile atmosphere around the club, the fact is Barca simply don't have the players they had two or three years ago.。

Sergi Barjuan's debut as caretaker coach saw him field basically the same side Koeman did (with injuries also limiting his options), but despite a bit more aggression, the same problems remain: lack of punch in attack and a defense that is fragile at the wrong moment.。

To be fair, Barca weren't much worse than in many games last season, but last season they had a master locksmith to open stubborn doors and now Messi is in Paris.。

2. Vinicius takes up Benzema's baton。

One of the things Real Madrid's Brazilian forward Vinicius Jr had to do this season was to turn his undoubted pace and ability to beat his rival into the end product of assists and goals and so far it looks as if he is doing his homework.。

Vinicius was the difference between the two teams as Real Madrid claimed a narrow win away to Elche on Saturday, with his two moments of individual magic putting his team 2-0 ahead on a day when Karim Benzema was given a well-deserved rest.。

Benzema and Vinicius have been Madrid's key players this season, and now Carlo Ancelotti needs others to step forward and contribute more.。

3. Athletic Club make their point in Basque derby。

Real Sociedad were moments away from retaining their 3-point lead at the top of La Liga when Athletic Club Bilbao captain Iker Muniain stepped forward to take an injury time free kick from the edge of their penalty area and seconds later that 3-point lead was reduced to just one as Muniain (with the inestimable help of Real Sociedad keeper Alex Remiro) fired home the equalizing goal.。

It was a draw Athletic deserved after neutralizing Real Sociedad's flowing attacking play for nearly all of the game and only a penalty had put the home side ahead in a tense and tactical Basque derby in which Athletic coach Marcelino again showed his tactical awareness to stop rivals playing.。

4. Carrasco leads from the front as Atletico bounce back。

Yannick Carrasco was the key player as Atletico Madrid ended a worrying run of three draws with a resounding win at home to Betis in a rain-swept Wanda Metropolitano Stadium on Sunday afternoon.。

Carrasco has had a slightly strange Atletico career, with a hiatus in China for good measure, but there is no doubt that the Belgian player has talent to spare and he showed that with a thumping opening goal that helped to ease nerves in the Wanda.。

Betis had started the weekend level on points with the top of the table, but with Carrasco always offering an outlet, Atletico dominated the game with a result and performance that will ease a lot of doubts raised after recent displays. Enditem。

realme真我GT Neo2******

  双十一即将到来,相信不少打算购机的朋友已经在持币观望当中。选手机一大要点就是看芯片,要说今年口碑最好的旗舰5G芯片非骁龙870莫属,性能强劲,发热相对更低,价格还不贵。而近期发布的realme真我GT Neo2可谓2500元内最值得考虑的骁龙870旗舰了。

  虽然同价位主打“性价比”的旗舰机型也有不少,但realme 真我GT Neo2主打的“质价比”,不再只局限于以更低的价格获取更高的性能,而是追求在同价位段下将性能、设计、质感等多方面的体验拔高一个档次。


  今年秋冬季掀起了绿色时尚风潮,realme真我GT Neo2主打的“黑薄荷”配色,正是在行业内首次挑战了超高饱和度的荧光绿配色。荧光绿常常在潮牌服装上出现,但要在手机玻璃后盖上实现高饱和度的颜色效果可比布料难得多,为此realme的设计团队采用了多层纳米光学镀膜工艺,使整体的后壳色彩饱和度对比普通工艺提升50%,达到了从未有过的高饱和鲜艳色彩状态。

  点缀的黑色机能飘带设计,与高饱和度的荧光绿之间形成了视觉落差非常大的冲撞。“DARE TO LEAP”(敢越级)的Slogan循环往复,贯穿了整条赛道纹,营造出了一种赛车文化带来的动态美感。

  激烈碰撞的不止配色,还有材质。realme真我GT Neo2首创光哑玻璃拼接工艺,荧光绿部分采用缎⾯AG⼯艺,68%超⾼雾度,触感如丝绸般顺滑,抗污防指纹,配合52°四⾯弧度,带来了独特而和谐的外观和手感。

  除了极具个性的「黑薄荷」,这次GT Neo2还拥有轻潮的「苍蓝」和「影黑」配色,款款都能体验到缎面AG工艺带来的高级质感。


  真我GT Neo2采用的是2021年里到目前为止口碑最佳的高通8系列处理器——高通骁龙870,兼顾高性能和省电低发热。此外,真我GT Neo2还安排上了UFS3.1的内存,并且,真我GT Neo2的UFS3.1还增加了一种新的低功耗状态,通过降低UFS的工作压力和减少对稳压器的唤醒来进一步降低功耗。

  此外,真我GT Neo2还在行业首次采用了航天级金刚石散热凝胶,并搭配了行业最大面积的3 D钢化VC和定制3D立体石墨烯,总散热面积达到了同级最大的17932.511mm²,实现无死角的8层全链路散热覆盖,可谓令不少游戏手机都汗颜。

  在最新推出的《王者荣耀》120帧模式当中,realme真我GT Neo2凭借强大的散热加持,游戏几乎全程满帧,抖动率仅0.01,毫无悬念成为了同价位最稳游戏主力机。

  对游戏玩家来说,手机续航也是非常关心的问题。真我GT Neo2在8.6mm/199g的机身内,塞下了同级领先的5000mAh的大电池,还提供了旗舰级的65W智慧闪充,仅36分钟即可让手机满血复活,称得上同级最理想的续航组合。

  realme真我GT Neo2采用6.62英寸最新三星 E4屏,触控报点率进一步提升至600Hz,响应速度更快,让你不论是征战和平精英,还是遨游王者峡谷,感受最极致的游戏体验。10240 级调光和DC调光、护眼模式、超清视效等功能的加入,也让长时间使用视觉观感更加舒适。


  realme真我GT Neo2后置6400万主摄像头,119°超广角镜头以及100px微距镜头,支持4K视频录制,同时加入了独家的街头摄影模式,拥有胶片拍照软件NOMO CAM联合打造的街拍滤镜,并将一些专业有趣的星空模式、移轴模式操作简单化,为假期出行拍照增加更多选择,轻松拍出独有大片。

  总的来说,真我GT Neo2是一款配置均衡、综合体验出色,并且在设计审美上更能展现年轻人个性品位的潮玩旗舰。如果你的预算在2500元左右,想要一款没有明显短板的高品质手机,那它真的非常值得入手。

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Market exchange rates in China******

BEIJING, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- The following are the central parity rates of the Chinese currency renminbi, or the yuan, against 24 major currencies announced on Wednesday by the China Foreign Exchange Trade System:。

Currency Unit Central parity rate in yuan。

U.S. dollar 100 639.35。

Euro 100 723.71。

Japanese yen 100 5.5646。

Hong Kong dollar 100 82.093。

British pound 100 858.21。

Australian dollar 100 466.64。

New Zealand dollar 100 446.87。

Singapore dollar 100 471.21。

Swiss franc 100 687.12。

Canadian dollar 100 508.90。

Malaysian ringgit 65.209 100。

Ruble 1,143.21 100。

Rand 242.75 100。

Korean won 18,507 100。

UAE dirham 57.442 100。

Saudi riyal 58.662 100。

Hungarian forint 5,042.55 100。

Polish zloty 64.271 100。

Danish krone 102.77 100。

Swedish krona 139.09 100。

Norwegian krone 136.83 100。

Turkish lira 161.752 100。

Mexican peso 324.49 100。

Thai baht 512.07 100。

The central parity rate of the yuan against the U.S. dollar is based on a weighted average of prices offered by market makers before the opening of the interbank market each business day.。

The central parity rate of the yuan against the Hong Kong dollar is based on the central parity rate of the yuan against the U.S. dollar and the exchange rate of the Hong Kong dollar against the U.S. dollar at 9 a.m. in international foreign exchange markets on the same business day.。

The central parity rates of the yuan against the other 22 currencies are based on the average prices offered by market makers before the opening of the interbank foreign exchange market. Enditem。
































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