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Economic Watch: China's logistics industry embraces greener, smarter era******

BEIJING, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- In the face of multiple challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, a lower-carbon and smarter logistics industry is emerging in China.。

Liang Dalin, 48, has bid farewell to the traditional energy- and time-consuming workstyle thanks to a mobile app. He now no longer needs to waste time searching for goods and waiting for distribution.。

"The app helps me locate the goods easily. I don't need to drive around looking for them anymore," said Liang, a transport truck driver.。

The app is developed by Full Truck Alliance, also known as Manbang that runs a domestic freight service platform. Using big data, the company helps truck drivers find goods quickly and reduces empty-load rates and fuel consumption, cutting carbon emissions by an estimated 330,000 tonnes in 2020.。

"The global supply chain and logistics industry are facing unprecedented challenges due to deglobalization and other risks," said Hu Yadong, president of the China Communications and Transportation Association.。

China's logistics industry ranked first in the world in freight volume, turnover rate and express delivery volume in 2020, said Wang Jianjun, director of the economic and trade department of the National Development and Reform Commission.。

Wang added that the country's logistics industry has maintained a sound momentum of development in recent years, with low overall costs and growth in transportation volume.。

Xu Yahua, chief engineer with the Ministry of Transport, said developing green logistics is of great significance to the sustainable development of the economy and society since the industry is a major player of energy consumption and carbon emission.。

The application of digitalization and other technologies to road transportation can effectively improve the efficiency of the transportation system, and help reduce vehicle energy consumption and carbon emissions, according to a research jointly conducted by the ministry and Manbang.。

The research results showed that 69.51 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced each year if the empty-load rate is lowered to 25 percent from 45 percent.。

According to data from China's leading logistics companies, their investment in smart equipment exceeded 15 billion yuan (about 2.34 billion U.S. dollars) in 2020, and more than 370 intelligent distribution hubs have been built across the country. Artificial intelligence, big data and other cutting-edge technologies are widely applied to transportation, warehousing and packaging.。

The total size of China's intelligent transportation market increased from 42 billion yuan in 2011 to 165.8 billion yuan in 2020, with an annual growth rate of around 20 percent, showed statistics released by China Intelligent Transportation Systems Association.。

"It is necessary to promote transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry with digital innovations, so as to boost high-quality economic development," Xu said. Enditem。

Olympic champion Huang reaches "double" doubles quarters at Denmark Open******

ODENSE, Denmark, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Tokyo Olympic badminton champion Huang Dongping secured quarterfinal berths in both the mixed and women's doubles here on Thursday at the BWF Denmark Open.

Huang and her Olympic title-winning partner Wang Yilyu outplayed French duo Thom Gicque and Delphine Delrue 23-21, 21-10 to book a spot in the mixed doubles last eight.

"They changed the pace and shuttle speed strategically, pushing us with good quality," said Huang.

"I'm feeling a bit exhausted both mentally and physically after the Cup games. Obviously we are not in the same good form as in previous tournaments, but we'll try our best to keep the fight going," she added.

Huang then partnered with Zheng Yu to progress to the women's doubles quarterfinals after edging Bulgarian pair Gabriela and Stefani Stoeva 11-21, 21-11, 21-17.

"We couldn't control the rally in first set before we made some strategic changes thereafter to overturn the game," said Zheng.

Paired with Du Yue, 20-year-old Feng Yanzhe beat Chang Tak Ching and Ng Wing Yung 21-15, 21-16 in another mixed doubles match.

Du, paired with Li Wenmei, also won her women's doubles match against Danish pair Amalie Magelund and Freja Ravn, 21-13, 21-7.

Elsewhere, 21-year-old talents Liu Xuanxuan and Xia Yuting dominated their match against Dutch duo Alyssa Tirtosentono and Imke van der Aar 21-10, 21-11 to reach the quarterfinals.

Lu Guangzu was outclassed by fourth-seeded Chou Tien-Chen from Chinese Taipei in the men's singles, losing too many points in a row in the first set to surrender 21-15, 21-18.

"It looks like my points were not won by my fight, but given to me by mistakes from Chou," said Lu, "The shuttle speed here is a bit fast and I did not take good control of it. Sometimes I was worried to smash out of line and couldn't use full power."

Having played an important role in the Sudirman Cup, Thomas Cup and Denmark Open, Lu remains aware of how far he needs to improve in order to beat the world leading players.

"If I had pushed a little bit more during the key rally, we might have seen a different scenario," Lu recalled.

Having taken a two-set win over Sayaka Takahashi in the Uber Cup final last Saturday, He Bingjiao, seeded sixth here, kept her dominance against the Japanese shuttler and won 21-14, 21-14 in the women's singles.

"I still remember how hard the fight was in the second set in the Uber Cup final, so I could not relax today," said 24-year-old He. "Sayaka played a tough game yesterday against Han Yue in three sets. I play with more power and energy. When I was tired, I did not think about it and just let my feelings go and kept a positive attitude."

He will now play 21-year-old Wang Zhiyi, after the latter overpowered Phittayaporn Chaiwan of Thailand 21-17, 21-6. Enditem

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