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Benavidez strike sinks Boca Juniors******

BUENOS AIRES, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- A first-half goal from Uruguayan midfielder Carlos Benavidez gave Independiente a 1-0 home win over Boca Juniors in Argentina's Primera Division on Thursday.。

Benavidez struck with a diving header in the 20th minute after Alan Velasco's low cross from the right flank.。

Boca were forced to play the last 10 minutes with 10 men after Carlos Izquierdoz was shown a straight red card for striking opponent Alan Velasco with an elbow to the abdomen.。

Independiente are now ninth in the 26-team Primera Division standings while Boca are fifth with three matchdays remaining in the season.。

In other Primera Division fixtures on Wednesday, Newell's Old Boys won 1-0 at home to Central Cordoba, Banfield drew 0-0 at Sarmiento and Defensa y Justicia won 4-0 at Atletico Tucuman. Enditem。

Biden warns Putin Ukraine attack would bring 'severe costs'******

Efforts to defuse the crisis in Ukraine via a frenzy of telephone diplomacy failed to ease tensions Saturday, with US President Joe Biden warning that Russia faces "swift and severe costs" if its troops carry out an invasion.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin slammed Western claims that Moscow was planning such a move as "provocative speculation" that could lead to conflict in the ex-Soviet country, according to a Russian readout of a call with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Speaking after new phone talks between Putin and Biden, the Kremlin's top foreign policy adviser Yury Ushakov told a conference call: "Hysteria has reached its peak."

Weeks of tensions that have seen Russia nearly surround its western neighbour with more than 100,000 troops intensified after Washington warned that an all-out invasion could begin "any day" and Russia launched its biggest naval drills in years across the Black Sea.

"If Russia undertakes a further invasion of Ukraine, the United States together with our allies and partners will respond decisively and impose swift and severe costs on Russia," Biden told Putin, according to the White House.

While the United States was prepared to engage in diplomacy, "we are equally prepared for other scenarios", Biden said, as the two nations stare down one of the gravest crises in East-West relations since the Cold War.

While the Biden-Putin talks were "professional and substantive", lasting just over an hour, they produced "no fundamental change" in dynamics, a senior US official told reporters.

Russia's defence ministry added to the febrile atmosphere by announcing that it had chased off a US submarine it said had crossed into its territorial waters near the Kuril Islands in the northern Pacific.

The ministry said it had summoned the US defence attache in Moscow over the incident.

But the US Indo-Pacific Command denied the account. "There is no truth to the Russian claims of our operations in their territorial waters," spokesman Captain Kyle Raines said in a statement.

Putin began his afternoon holding talks with Macron that the French presidency said lasted one hour and 40 minutes.

Macron's office said "both expressed a desire to continue dialogue" but, like Washington, reported no clear progress.

'Possible provocations'

Russia added to the ominous tone by pulling some of its diplomatic staff out of Ukraine Saturday.

The foreign ministry in Moscow said its decision was prompted by fears of "possible provocations from the Kyiv regime".

But Washington and a host of European countries along with Israel cited the growing threat of a Russian invasion as they called on their citizens to leave Ukraine as soon possible.

Britain and the United States also pulled out most of their remaining military advisers while the US embassy ordered "most" of its Kyiv staff to leave.

Australia said it had directed all remaining embassy staff in Kyiv to evacuate, and Canada said it was closing its embassy temporarily and moving operations to the western city of Lviv.

Dutch carrier KLM announced that it was suspending commercial flights to Ukraine until further notice.

The prospect of fleeing Westerners prompted Kyiv to issue an appeal to its citizens to "remain calm".

"Right now, the people's biggest enemy is panic," Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on a visit to troops stationed near the Russian-annexed peninsula of Crimea.

Several thousand Ukrainians braved the winter cold to march through Kyiv in a show of unity amid the growing fears of war.

"Panic is useless," said student Maria Shcherbenko as the crowd waved Ukraine's blue-and-yellow flags and sang the national anthem. "We must unite and fight for independence."

'Any day now'

Washington on Friday issued its most dire warning yet that Russia had assembled enough forces to launch a serious assault.

"Our view that military action could occur any day now, and could occur before the end of the Olympics, is only growing in terms of its robustness," US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan warned.

Sullivan stopped short on Friday of saying that the United States has concluded that Putin has made the decision to attack.

But some US and German media cited intelligence sources and officials as saying that a war could begin at some point after Putin concludes talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Moscow on Tuesday.

The German leader is due to travel to Kyiv on Monday and then visit Putin as Europe strives to keep lines of communication open with Moscow.

Ukrainian leaders have been trying to talk down the prospects of an all-out war because of the damaging effect such fears are having on the country's teetering economy and public morale.

But the mood across the country remained tense.

The mayor's office in Kyiv said it had prepared an emergency evacuation plan for the capital's three million residents as a precaution.

Russia is seeking binding security guarantees from the West that include a pledge to roll NATO forces out of eastern Europe and to never expand into Ukraine.

Washington has flatly rejected the demands, but offered talks on a new European disarmament agreement with Moscow.

Sullivan said NATO was now "more cohesive, more purposeful, more dynamic than any time in recent memory".

Germany's Scholz has added his voice to European pledges to punish Russia with severe economic sanctions targeting its financial and energy sector if it attacks.

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  11月11日,陕西政府新闻报道公司办公室举行记者招待会,邀约陕西生态环境厅局副局长,发言人张金东,省生态环境厅排污许可管理办处长张芳香,省生态环境厅生态资源维护处常务副检察长曹磊参加,详细介绍“深层次打好污染治理行动促进生态环境保护品质不断转好 以生态环境保护高质量维护推动陕西省社会经济高质量发展”相关状况。





  张金东说,我国下发《陕西秦岭绿色生态生态环境保护整体规划》和《陕西秦岭关键自然保护区一般自然保护区产业链准入条件明细(实施)》,及秦岭6市地市级维护设计和8个省部级总体规划,基本上产生“1 N”秦岭维护总体规划管理体系。推进秦岭集中整治成果,严格进行专项整治,重点监督检查及保护区“绿盾”专项整治。深入开展陕南涉金属材料矿产资源开发设计环境污染清查治理,秦岭地区应治理的438个小水电所有进行治理每日任务,秦岭关键和关键自然保护区169个矿业权全部退出,遥感技术疑是问题整改达成率81.3%。加速进行渭河流域污水口清查治理,2021年1-10月,渭河流域65个国考公务员横断面Ⅰ~Ⅲ类水体横断面占比78.5%,劣Ⅴ类横断面占比4.6%,同期相比改进4.6个点。









  华商报新闻记者 毛蜜娜。



Economic Watch: China's manufacturing offers support for global energy transformation******

HEFEI, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- With a total capacity of 418 kilowatts, a rooftop power plant in Indonesia is converting solar power into electricity for the energy consumption of a bottled water factory underneath.。

The inverters, one of the key components of the power plant, are from the Chinese renewable energy company, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd., in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui Province.。

As one of the participants of the fourth World Manufacturing Convention held from Nov. 19 to 22 in Hefei, Sungrow is among those Chinese manufacturers that play an essential role in promoting energy transformation worldwide.。

"We have established branches in 20 countries and regions. Our products have been exported to 150 countries and regions. As of June this year, over 182 GW of inverter equipment has been installed worldwide," said Xu Yiguo, a senior manager with Sungrow.。

According to a report issued by the International Energy Association (IEA) this year, China is the largest manufacturer of key clean energy technologies such as solar panels and EV batteries. It is home to 70 percent of global manufacturing capacity for electric vehicle batteries and its solar photovoltaics (PV) capacity additions have outpaced those of any other country.。

Another participant of the World Manufacturing Convention, battery cell manufacturer Gotion High-tech Co., Ltd., brought their latest lithium batteries and energy storage equipment.。

"As key components of new energy vehicles, our batteries have been exported to many countries including the UK, India and the Netherlands," said Zhang Yang, a senior executive of the marketing department of Gotion High-tech, adding that their overseas income reached 168 million yuan (about 26 million U.S. dollars) during the first half of this year, an increase of 102 percent year on year.。

According to Zhang, to ensure stable supply to the global market, the company has built a complete industrial chain from lithium ores to battery recycling.。

Reaching carbon neutrality and promoting energy transformation hinges on a major acceleration in clean energy innovation.。

China is emerging as a world leader in clean energy innovation: public spending on low-carbon energy research and development (R&D) in China has risen by 70 percent since 2015. China accounts for nearly 10 percent of patenting activity in renewables and EVs, said the report of IEA.。

"We have been innovating technology and applied for over 3,100 patents as of now. The cost of PV power is decreasing thanks to innovation and is even lower than thermal power in some countries, thus promoting the installation of PV plants around the world," said Xu Yiguo of Sungrow.。

Gotion High-tech has also invested heavily in R&D. "We built six R&D platforms worldwide and cooperate with well-known universities to cultivate R&D personnel. In 2020, the R&D investment hit 696 million yuan," said Zhang.。

Besides exporting products, Gotion High-tech also cooperated with an Indian vehicle company to build a battery factory in India and built a new energy production base in Europe.。

"We want to introduce not only products but also our technology to other countries, which is also an important way to accelerate world energy transformation," said Zhang. Enditem。



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