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Bayern announces wage cuts for unvaccinated players******

BERLIN, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- Bayern Munich have announced that players who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 will be subject to wage cuts.。

Media reports suggest that the record German champions have announced the cuts for unvaccinated players such as Joshua Kimmich, as professional football in Germany is suffering from a rising number of positive infection cases and quarantine orders.。

Reports speak of the club threatening to exclude affected players from regular training as a next step.。

The news comes after Werder Bremen head coach Markus Anfang resigned after he was accused of having forged his vaccination papers, with investigations continuing.。

Faked documents can be penalized with up to five years in prison.。

Due to health regulations and federal state law, employees can't count on receiving their regular salary payments if they are in quarantine.。

This regulation is in effect in the state of Bavaria, which affects Kimmich and Bayern teammates Serge Gnabry, Jamal Musiala, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, and Michael Cuisance.。

As an unvaccinated person, German international Kimmich missed several games after having to quarantine following close contact with a positive case.。

Health regulations force unvaccinated contacts into isolation for at least seven days. Kimmich was put into quarantine when fully vaccinated Niklas Sule tested positive while with the national team.。

Five players had to leave the Germany camp before the kick-off of a 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier. Following which a person in Kimmich's close circle of contacts also tested positive.。

The midfielder missed Bayern's Bundesliga encounter against Augsburg and will also not play in next week's Champions League tie against Dynamo Kyiv.。

Reports speak of the Bayern players being caught by surprise, as they hadn't expected such drastic steps to be made.。

Kimmich's refusal to receive the jab is causing ongoing annoyance among teammates and head coach Julian Nagelsmann.。

The Bayern coach renewed his appeal to get vaccinated and admitted to being annoyed by the disturbance.。

Statistics show Bayern's average point haul without Kimmich has dropped to 1.9 from 2.4. While Bayern have already qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League, the club fears the loss of players in the advanced stages of the competition.。

This weekend, Bayern lost its second Bundesliga match of the season. Many at the club accuse Kimmich and others of having triggered disturbing in-house troubles. Reports speak of a majority of team members standing in favor of the clubs' actions.。

Several federal states are expected to demand that games are played behind closed doors, as infection rates in Germany are rising. RB Leipzig has to play its Champions League game against Paris Saint-Germain without fans, while the state of Bavaria has reduced the permitted stadium capacity to 25 percent. Enditem。













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Feature: Down syndrome boy becomes table tennis champion******

By sportswriters Zhang Sijie, Wang Ze and Zhao Yingbo

XI'AN, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- How hard could it be for a person with Down syndrome to become the Special Olympics East Asia Region Messenger and pocket more than 30 medals? The answer can be given by 21-year-old Yang Le, who was born in Baoji, northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

On Tuesday, Yang is playing table tennis at China's 8th Special Olympic Games, held in Shaanxi Province between October 22 and 29. His story with the paddle dates back 13 years.

Born with a heart defect, Yang's motor skills are weak and he stumbles easily. To improve his physical fitness, his mother pushed him to play table tennis, which requires excellent hand-eye coordination.

At first, he was reluctant to practise as the training proved challenging for him. But in 2009, he took part in a competition for the first time and won his first medal.

But it was not until 2013 that he became truly passionate about sport after participating in the inaugural Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games in Australia, where he was beaten by overseas competitors. After that, he asked his coach to teach him how to loop the ball, and stepped up the intensity of his training regime.

In 2018, Yang was chosen as the 2018-19 Special Olympics East Asia Region Messenger. As an athlete representing China, he also shared his experience at the 2018 Special Olympics Global Athlete Congress in Santo Domingo.

At the opening ceremony of China's 11th National Games for Persons with Disabilities and 8th National Special Olympic Games, Yang showed his confident smile to the audience as the second torchbearer.

"It is sport that enables him to be stronger both physically and mentally, and I never imagined that we could be so proud of him," said his mother.

In addition to sports, Yang started his own bubble tea shop in Baoji, encouraging young people with intellectual disabilities to work together and experience joy, confidence and fulfilment.

Going forward, Yang will continue to pursue his sporting dreams. "I want to be a table tennis coach and share the joy of sport with more friends," said Yang. Enditem

Some 27 people feared dead after blaze at Japan clinic******


Firetrucks and a police car are seen in front of an office building, where a fire broke out in Osaka on December 17, 2021.。

At least 27 people were feareddead after a fire swept through a psychiatry clinic in theJapanese city of Osaka on Friday, and media said police wereinvestigating suspected arson.。

Some 27 people were in cardiopulmonary arrest, an officialat Osaka's city fire department told Reuters, the term used inJapan before a death is officially confirmed. Another person wasinjured, the official said.。

Nine people were confirmed dead at the hospital, broadcaster TVAsahi said.。

Police were investigating suspected arson, including reportsthat a man started the fire in the building, Kyodo News said,citing people involved in the investigation.。

An elderly man brought in a bag that leaked flammable liquidand was ignited, the Yomiuri newspaper said. He was believed tobe a patient at the clinic, the Mainichi newspaper said.。

The fire broke out shortly after the clinic opened forbusiness at 10am (1am GMT) and it was largely extinguishedwithin 30 minutes, public broadcaster NHK reported.。

Video from NHK showed smoke pouring out of the windows ofthe fourth floor, where the clinic was located, as well as theroof of the multi-story office building. Footage later showedthe windows, blackened and charred.。

"When I looked outside I saw orange flames in thefourth-floor window of the building. A woman was waving herhands for help from the sixth-floor window," a 36-year-old womanwho works at a company nearby told Kyodo.。

Located in a shopping and entertainment district not farfrom Osaka's main train station, the building also houses abeauty salon, a clothes shop and an English-language school, NHKsaid.。

The father of a doctor who ran the clinic was not able toreach his son by mobile phone, he told the Yomiuri newspaper.。

"Around noon I heard there was news of a fire on televisionand was surprised. My wife went to the site but we still don'tknow what's going on. I can't get through to my son's phone."

The clinic's webpage was not accessible but an Internetarchive from earlier this year showed it treated patients fordepression and panic problems, as well as physical issues suchas sleep apnea and anemia.。

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