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CONMEBOL suspends officials for 'serious errors' in Argentina******

RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) said Wednesday it suspended Uruguayan referee Andres Cunha and video assistant Esteban Ostojich for "serious errors" in Argentina's home World Cup qualifier against Brazil.。

The decision relates to an incident in which Argentina defender Nicolas Otamendi struck Brazil forward Raphinha with an elbow to the face during the first half of Tuesday's match in San Juan, which ended in a goalless draw.。

The knock left Leeds United's Raphinha with a bloody wound in the mouth that required five stitches at halftime.。

In a video released by CONMEBOL on Wednesday, Ostojich is heard telling Cunha that he considered the foul a "yellow-card offense." Despite the recommendation, Cunha opted not to caution Otamendi, nor did he award a free kick against the Benfica center back.。

"The performance of the chief referee, Andres Ismael Cunha Soca Vargas, and the [video assistant referee], Esteban Daniel Ostojich Vega ... was technically analyzed by [the referees' committee], which concluded that they committed serious and manifest errors in their duty," read a CONMEBOL statement.。

It said that Otamendi had "put at risk the physical integrity" of the Leeds United player, adding that both match officials were suspended "indefinitely."

The Brazilian Football Confederation said on Wednesday night that it would send an official complaint to FIFA and request that Otamendi be banned.。

Brazil manager Tite told reporters after the match it was "inconceivable" that the referee chose not to take action after consulting the video assistant. Enditem。

Economic Watch: China's manufacturing offers support for global energy transformation******

HEFEI, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- With a total capacity of 418 kilowatts, a rooftop power plant in Indonesia is converting solar power into electricity for the energy consumption of a bottled water factory underneath.。

The inverters, one of the key components of the power plant, are from the Chinese renewable energy company, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd., in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui Province.。

As one of the participants of the fourth World Manufacturing Convention held from Nov. 19 to 22 in Hefei, Sungrow is among those Chinese manufacturers that play an essential role in promoting energy transformation worldwide.。

"We have established branches in 20 countries and regions. Our products have been exported to 150 countries and regions. As of June this year, over 182 GW of inverter equipment has been installed worldwide," said Xu Yiguo, a senior manager with Sungrow.。

According to a report issued by the International Energy Association (IEA) this year, China is the largest manufacturer of key clean energy technologies such as solar panels and EV batteries. It is home to 70 percent of global manufacturing capacity for electric vehicle batteries and its solar photovoltaics (PV) capacity additions have outpaced those of any other country.。

Another participant of the World Manufacturing Convention, battery cell manufacturer Gotion High-tech Co., Ltd., brought their latest lithium batteries and energy storage equipment.。

"As key components of new energy vehicles, our batteries have been exported to many countries including the UK, India and the Netherlands," said Zhang Yang, a senior executive of the marketing department of Gotion High-tech, adding that their overseas income reached 168 million yuan (about 26 million U.S. dollars) during the first half of this year, an increase of 102 percent year on year.。

According to Zhang, to ensure stable supply to the global market, the company has built a complete industrial chain from lithium ores to battery recycling.。

Reaching carbon neutrality and promoting energy transformation hinges on a major acceleration in clean energy innovation.。

China is emerging as a world leader in clean energy innovation: public spending on low-carbon energy research and development (R&D) in China has risen by 70 percent since 2015. China accounts for nearly 10 percent of patenting activity in renewables and EVs, said the report of IEA.。

"We have been innovating technology and applied for over 3,100 patents as of now. The cost of PV power is decreasing thanks to innovation and is even lower than thermal power in some countries, thus promoting the installation of PV plants around the world," said Xu Yiguo of Sungrow.。

Gotion High-tech has also invested heavily in R&D. "We built six R&D platforms worldwide and cooperate with well-known universities to cultivate R&D personnel. In 2020, the R&D investment hit 696 million yuan," said Zhang.。

Besides exporting products, Gotion High-tech also cooperated with an Indian vehicle company to build a battery factory in India and built a new energy production base in Europe.。

"We want to introduce not only products but also our technology to other countries, which is also an important way to accelerate world energy transformation," said Zhang. Enditem。

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Chinese top******

BEIJING, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Super League side Hebei FC is struggling desperately for survival, said one of its players.。

The Langfang-based club, which once shelled out for Javier Mascherano and Ezequiel Lavezzi, has ceased office operations and suspended training of four of its youth teams due to financial difficulties in October.。

Lei Tenglong, who joined the Hebei side early this year, conceded that the club is mired in serious trouble.。

"At the time of my arrival, the club told me that its financial situation was rather grim. Now it has become much more difficult, struggling to sustain the club's daily operations," said the 30-year-old central defender.。

He urged government to step in soon to save the club.。

"As things are becoming very hard for all of us, we hope government can expedite the process to help the club. We players cannot wait indefinitely," he said.。

As the Chinese Super League campaign has been suspended to free up national team players to play the FIFA World Cup qualifiers, the Hebei FC senior team players are on vacation after their exit from the Chinese FA Cup tournament earlier last month.。

"The players have been taking holidays since, and in order to maintain fitness we need to train on our own. We have no idea when our holidays will end," he said. Enditem。



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