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Brazil shines in pool at Junior Pan American Games******

CALI, Colombia, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- Brazil continued its impressive start to the Junior Pan American Games with another nine gold medals on Saturday, including five in swimming.。

The South American nation also clinched three victories in Judo and one in canoeing on the second day of competition. The results took Brazil's overall gold medal tally to 19, four more than second-placed United States and five ahead of hosts Colombia.。

In one of the day's most eagerly awaited events, Mexican 17-year-old Osmar Olvera won gold in the one-meter springboard. His compatriot and fellow 17-year-old Kevin Munoz took silver while Carson Tyler of the United States claimed bronze.。

Jalisco-born Olvera has had a breakthrough year after being the youngest diver in Mexico's team at the Tokyo Olympics. He first rose to prominence by winning six gold medals at Mexico's national championships in 2019.。

Cuba enjoyed a successful day, with three gold medals: Katherin Nuevo (canoeing, C1 200m), Omar Cruz (judo, 100kg) and Thalia Narino (judo, 78kg).。

Meanwhile, Aruba clinched an unlikely gold medal when Patrick Gerardo won the 200m backstroke ahead of Mexico's Diego Camacho and Guatemala's Erick Oswaldo. Enditem。

Putin, Biden discuss Moscow's security proposals in year******

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden discussed Russia's recent security proposals during their telephone call, the Kremlin said on Friday.。

"Both leaders discussed agreements reached during their previous consultations on December 7, including the decision to launch negotiations on the provision of legal guarantees aimed at ensuring Russia's security," it said in a statement.。

Putin explained the underlying principles behind the draft security treaty between Russia and the United States, and the draft agreement between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member states.。

It was emphasized that the outcome of joint cooperation should yield legal guarantees against NATO's eastward expansion and the alliance's deployment of weapons systems near Russia's borders.。

Putin and Biden agreed on the importance of serious and meaningful dialogue on these matters, and confirmed that upcoming security talks between Moscow and Washington would be carried out in three formats.。

The first round of negotiations will take place in Geneva on January 9-10, 2022. They will later continue in Brussels within the framework of the NATO-Russia Council on January 12, and within the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe on January 13.。

Biden in turn emphasized that Russia and the United States bear a special responsibility for ensuring stability in Europe and the world, and assured that Washington would not deploy offensive weapons in Ukraine.。

Putin noted that imposing wide-ranging sanctions against Russia in case of a possible escalation of events would be a "grave mistake" and could lead to a major "rupture in Russia-US ties."。

Both presidents agreed to continue the dialogue and closely monitor all upcoming negotiations.。

"In general, the conversation was frank and businesslike. It was useful to both parties," the Kremlin statement added.。

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Across China: Design week attracts Italian enterprises fascinated with Chinese market******

SHANGHAI, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- At the sixth Italian Design Icons (IDI) held in Shanghai in late November, China's latte art master Liu Qiang used Cimbali's new coffee machine launch to make espresso for his guests.。

As fragrant coffee with beautiful patterns on top was served to the audience, Gruppo Cimbali, a world-renowned espresso machine maker, demonstrates its confidence in attracting more Chinese consumers with its high-quality products.。

With a history of nearly 110 years, Gruppo Cimbali has exported more than 5,000 coffee machines into the Chinese market, offering original Italian coffee for coffee-savvy customers.。

The company also strives to help more Chinese baristas improve their skills by sponsoring coffee vocational skills competitions. Many Chinese students have started to learn how to make Italian coffee via the online coffee classes held by the group.。

The coffee machine producer is not alone in its fascination with the Chinese market.。

During the design week of Italian brands, Casappa, one of Italy's largest manufacturers of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors, showcased its electronically controlled pump.。

The new product was first launched in China before going on the market in any other countries and regions. As one of the representative products of the company's energy-saving series, the Intelligent Power System (CSP) echoes China's latest promise to slash its carbon emissions.。

Casappa's success in the Chinese market is indispensable from its localized products and relevant research and development capabilities, according to the company.。

Another Italian company, Comau, a leading industrial automation and robotics manufacturer, brought its latest MATE-XT muscle assist technology exoskeleton to the Shanghai design week.。

Gaetano Cantalupo, head of global customer operations for Comau, said that Comau China is now headquartered in Shanghai and has built two factories in Shanghai and Kunshan City, the neighboring province of Jiangsu.。

Statistics from China Customs show that the bilateral trade value between China and Italy reached 60.3 billion U.S. dollars in the first 10 months of this year, exceeding the total of last year and hitting a record high.。

During the period, China imported 25.1 billion U.S. dollars of goods from Italy, which is 42 percent higher than the percentage logged in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreaks. Enditem。

Chinese shares close lower on Thursday******

BEIJING, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) -- Chinese stocks closed lower on Thursday, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index down 1.23 percent to 3,518.42 points.

The Shenzhen Component Index closed 1.03 percent lower at 14,244.82 points.

The combined turnover of stocks covered by the two indices stood at 1.11 trillion yuan (about 173.2 billion U.S. dollars), up from 1.08 trillion yuan on the previous trading day.

Stocks in the pumped-storage hydropower and home appliance sectors led the gains, while those related to gas and oil exploitation and coal were among the biggest losers.

The ChiNext Index, tracking China's Nasdaq-style board of growth enterprises, lost 0.92 percent to close at 3,278.36 points on Thursday. Enditem


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