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China's coal******

TAIYUAN, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- Shanxi, a major coal-producing province in China, has seen the monthly output of raw coal exceed 100 million tonnes for three consecutive months by October, as all mines are producing at full capacity, according to the provincial statistic bureau.。

To mitigate the recent coal supply crunch, regions across China have adopted a raft of measures to stabilize energy supply and expand coal production capacity.。

In October, Shanxi produced 102.8 million tonnes of raw coal, up 5.2 percent year on year. Its annual output is expected to exceed 1.2 billion tonnes this year.。

As of Nov. 21, the province had supplied 21.87 million tonnes of coal to 14 other provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities for electricity generation. It has also fully guaranteed the coal supply to local power generation and heating enterprises with additional 43 million tonnes of medium and long-term supply contracts signed.。

Increased coal output and inventories at power plants will help drive down the soaring coal prices, according to the National Development and Reform Commission earlier this month.。

It said coal for power generators and heating suppliers is guaranteed as mid to long-term coal supply contracts have roughly covered demand. Enditem。









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Hong Kong expects 2021 GDP to grow 6.4 pct amid firm recovery******

HONG KONG, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government on Friday forecast the region's gross domestic product (GDP) to grow 6.4 percent by the end of this year, as trade and consumption recovery picks up steam.。

Hong Kong's economic recovery became more entrenched in the third quarter alongside the further revival of global economic activity and stable local epidemic situation, said HKSAR government economist Andrew Au.。

Real GDP grew by 5.4 percent year-on-year in the third quarter, following a 7.6-percent growth in the second quarter. For the first three quarters as a whole, real GDP grew by 7.0 percent over a year earlier.。

The pace of expansion moderated somewhat on account of the stronger-than-expected growth in the first half of the year and the higher base effect, Au said.。

"Nonetheless, the stable local epidemic situation has created favorable conditions for the further revival of domestic activity," said the economist.。

During the July-September period, private consumption expenditure rose appreciably by 7.1 percent year-on-year in real terms thanks to the stable local epidemic situation, improved labor market conditions and the Consumption Voucher Scheme.。

Total exports of goods grew notably by 14.2 percent year-on-year in real terms in the third quarter, supported by the continued revival of major economies and vibrant regional trade flows.。

To pave the way for a broader-based economic recovery, it is essential for the community to strive towards more widespread vaccination and abide by the anti-epidemic measures, Au said.。

"Provided that the local epidemic remains under control, a solid year-on-year growth in the fourth quarter should be attainable for the Hong Kong economy," he said. Enditem。


假如在《韦氏词典》中搜索“crypto”这个词,你能发觉它是“密码学”(cryptography)的简称,详细释意为“数据信息的计算机编码和编解码”。 殊不知在网络上检索 crypto,你只能被弹幕的加密货币有关信息给搅得心神不安。在币市定义炒出火爆时,密码学家们却对“加密”(Crypto)一词被乱用而觉得苦闷。

Cryptographers are not happy with how you're using the word 'crypto'。

The stadium that's residence to the Los Angeles Lakers is getting a new name: the Crypto.com Enviornment. The title displays the world's new sponsorship settlement with a Singapore-based cryptocurrency buying and selling platform. Which may be excellent news for cryptocurrency fanatics – however maybe not a lot for an additional faction inside the digital panorama: cryptographers.。

洛杉矶湖人队的客场体育场馆刚迈入了一个新的名字 —— Crypto.com Enviornment。这一举动体现了展览馆小区业主与马来西亚加密货币平台交易达到的新赞助协议。针对币市的疯狂粉絲们而言,这可能是个十足的利好消息。但针对密码学家们而言,这却并不是个喜讯。

Search for the phrase "crypto" in Webster's dictionary, and also you'll see it refers to cryptography, which in flip is outlined as "the computerized encoding and decoding of data". Search "crypto" on Google, nonetheless, and also you'll see a number of high outcomes pointing to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum.。

假如在《韦氏词典》中搜索“crypto”这个词,你能发觉它是“密码学”(cryptography)的简称,详细释意为“数据信息的计算机编码和编解码”。 殊不知在 Google 上检索 crypto,你只能被弹幕的BTC和以太币等加密货币有关信息给搅得心神不安。

This lexical shift has weighed closely on cryptographers, who, over the previous few years, have repeated the rallying cry "Crypto means cryptography" on social media. T-shirts and hoodies trumpet the phrase and variations on it; there's a website devoted solely to clarifying the problem.。

这类语汇变化给密码学家产生了厚重的工作压力,她们过去两年中一直在社交媒体上反复“加密便是密码学”(“Crypto means cryptography”)的宣传口号。她们发布了宣传策划用的T 恤和连帽衣;乃至有一个专业用以回应该现象的网址。

"'Crypto' for many years has been used as shorthand and as a prefix for issues associated to cryptography," mentioned Amie Stepanovich, govt director of Silicon Flatirons Middle on the College of Colorado Regulation College and creator of the pro-cryptography T-shirts, which have develop into successful at conferences.。

“很多年来,‘crypto’一词一直被作为与密码学有关情况的缩写和作为前缀,” 佛罗里达高校法学系 Silicon Flatirons Center 实行负责人、兼 T 恤设计师 Amie Stepanovich 讲到。

Starting in 1993, the crypto.com area was owned by Matt Blaze, a cryptography skilled who repeatedly rejected would-be consumers – even because the rise of cryptocurrency meant he might have made hundreds of thousands of dollars.。

自 1993 年至今,crypto.com 网站域名一直把握在密码学权威专家 Matt Blaze 手上,且他一再拒绝了潜在性顾客的邀请 —— 即便伴随着加密货币的盛行,他本可日赚个百余上一百万美元。

"I believe calling cryptocurrencies 'crypto' is a poor alternative, with unhealthy penalties for each cryptography and cryptocurrencies," he tweeted in 2018. In the end, nonetheless, the domain was sold, and now for those who go to Crypto.com you'll see an enormous video of Matt Damon indicating that investing in cryptocurrencies is roughly as brave as scaling an icy cliff or blasting into area.。

他在 2018 年发推文写:“我觉得将加密货币称之为‘crypto’是一种槽糕的挑选,这对密码学和加密货币都是会造成不良影响。”即便如此,该网站域名最后也是被售卖了,假如你如今浏览 Crypto.com,将见到塞特·达蒙 (Matt Damon) 出演的一段长幅视频宣传片,以传递“项目投资加密货币与攀爬冰崖或飞进外太空一样英勇”的暗喻。

But there stays an internecine feud among the many tech savvy concerning the phrase.。

可是,在熟练 crypto 英语单词含意的专业技术人员人群中,也存有着一定的矛盾。

As Parker Higgins of the Freedom of the Press Basis, who has spent years concerned in cryptography activism, identified, the cryptography crowd is by nature deeply invested in precision – in any case, designing and cracking codes is an endeavor during which, for those who get issues "somewhat mistaken, it could actually blow the entire thing up".。

如同很多年前一直对于此事维持激进派心态、来源于新闻自由慈善基金会的 Parker Higgins 所提出的那般——密码学专业人员与生俱来就该深层资金投入有关科学研究,终究加密设计方案与破译自始至终是一对基本矛盾,只需有那麼一丢丢突破点,都有可能造成整件事功亏一篑”。

There are international debates over each cryptography – for example, questions over whether or not chat providers ought to provide "backdoors" that skirt encryption – and the regulation of cryptocurrency. "There's a want to differentiate between these two areas to keep away from completely foreseeable confusion," Stepanovich mentioned.。

不论是密码学或是加密货币,一直以来都存有国际性争执——比如,有关闲聊应用软件是不是应当给予绕开加密的“侧门”的难题——及其对加密货币的管控。 “大家需要区别这两个行业,以防止彻底可预料的搞混,”Stepanovich 提及。

Higgins agreed. "Crypto as shorthand for cryptography actually was in widespread use. You would speak about crypto even on Capitol Hill and folks would know what you had been speaking about."。

Higgins他的观点: “Crypto做为密码学的缩写事实上被普遍应用。你乃至会在国会山讨论加密技术性,大家也会搞清楚你说什么。”。

And at a time when many nonetheless aren't certain what cryptocurrency is, the confusion over the phrases simply makes issues muddier, Higgins mentioned.。



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