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Corinthians in talks over Cavani transfer******

RIO DE JANEIRO, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- Manchester United and Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani could return to South America next year to play with Corinthians, according to Brazilian media reports.。

The 34-year-old's brother and agent, Walter Guglielmone, has held talks with the Sao Paulo club in recent days though a formal offer has not been made, Globo Esporte reported on Saturday.。

"We have to wait but we'll see what possibilities exist," Guglielmone said. "Obviously, if any team from Brazil comes up with an attractive proposal we can always listen. I have an obligation to make him aware of all possible options."

Cavani has made just eight appearances and scored one goal for Manchester United this season as he has struggled with injuries and a lack of minutes. His contract at Old Trafford expires next June.。

The former Paris Saint-Germain and Napoli star, who has been capped 126 times for Uruguay, has also been linked with Barcelona and Juventus. Enditem。

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  华商报记者 赵瑞利



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WHO warns of 'very high' Omicron risk as COVID******


A sign advises people to wear a mask and stand 2 meters apart as travelers make their way through Miami International Airport on December 28 in Miami, Florida.。

Omicron still poses a "very high" risk and could overwhelm health care systems, the WHO warned on Wednesday, as the highly transmissible coronavirus variant fuelled record outbreaks in many countries.。

Case numbers have shot up 11 percent globally in the last week, forcing governments from China to Germany and France to find a difficult balance between anti-virus restrictions and the need to keep economies and societies open.。

The Netherlands and Switzerland said Omicron had become the dominant strain in their countries, and while some studies suggested it causes milder COVID-19, the World Health Organization urged caution.。

"The overall risk related to the new variant of concern Omicron remains very high," the UN health agency said in its COVID-19 weekly epidemiological update.。

"Consistent evidence shows that the Omicron variant has a growth advantage over the Delta variant with a doubling time of two to three days."

The WHO said early data from Britain, South Africa, and Denmark – which currently has the world's highest rate of infection per person – suggested there was a reduced risk of hospitalization for Omicron compared with Delta.。

But it added that further data was needed to understand Omicron's severity.。

And despite those studies, Omicron's rapid growth "will still result in large numbers of hospitalizations, particularly amongst unvaccinated groups, and cause widespread disruption to health systems and other critical services", warned WHO Europe's COVID Incident Manager Catherine Smallwood.。

Painful restrictions。

Europe was again one of the hotspots for the pandemic, which is known to have claimed more than 5.4 million lives around the world.。

France, Britain, Greece and Portugal all reported record daily case numbers on Tuesday. France reported almost 180,000 infections over 24 hours.。

To hold back the tide, many nations on the continent have brought back curbs with heavy economic and social consequences.。

Travel chaos。

The COVID spikes around the world have caused severe disruptions to travel over the holidays, with thousands of flights canceled worldwide.。

They are also threatening sports events again.。

England's top football league is grappling with record cases, while China has imposed strict lockdowns on millions of people to control the spread of the Delta variant ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics.。

Mexico City's mayor on Tuesday canceled the capital's massive New Year's Eve celebrations as a preventative measure after a rise in COVID-19 cases.。

The top American sports leagues have also been hit, as the United States battles a surge fuelled by Omicron, as well as large pockets of unvaccinated people and a lack of access to quick and easy testing.。

The US Centers for Disease Control has halved the isolation period for asymptomatic cases to try and limit disruptions and mass labor shortages.。

President Joe Biden said the United States was generally well prepared, though some hospitals could be "overrun."

Interview: Serbia confident of successful Beijing Winter Olympics, says official******

BELGRADE, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- Due to China's experience in organizing major sports competitions and in epidemic prevention and control, the Serbian Olympic team is confident that the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing will be a complete success, Djordje Visacki, secretary general of the Olympic Committee of Serbia told Xinhua in a recent interview.。

"Having in mind all experiences that we have with China, as the organizer of great sports events, we have no doubt that these games will be organized to the highest possible level," said Visacki, a former Olympic rower, who represented Serbia in Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympic Games and won the fifth place in men's coxless pair.。

Regarding the organization of the Olympics amid the pandemic, Visacki said he is confident due to China's success in the epidemic control during this whole pandemic period.。

"Regarding the measures brought by China in order to prevent virus spreading during the Olympic Games, we fully support that, because, although the Olympic Games are very important to us, it is also important that they don't generate further virus spread. Based on the information that we have, China is doing that at a very high level," Visacki pointed out.。

Visacki highlighted the importance of the Olympics both for athletes and sports fans across the world and praised China's efforts to provide safe conditions for Winter Olympics.。

He also agreed that the Winter Olympics will be an opportunity to deepen friendship between athletes and sports officials of China and Serbia.。

"It's a fact that measures are restrictive and that in these circumstances fewer people from the other side of the sport, such as sports organizations, to meet. Surely, there will be an opportunity for this to some extent, and we and the Chinese side will make use of it, having in mind that we so far have had very good cooperation with the Chinese Olympic Committee, and the Chinese sport overall," Visacki told Xinhua.。

Noting how in recent years lots of Serbian coaches made a success by working with Chinese athletes and team, Visacki mentioned Serbian tennis coach Bogdan Obradovic, coach of women's basketball team Marina Maljkovic as well as "numerous football coaches."

"Surely, we are honored when such a great sports country sees Serbia as a partner and sees experts from Serbia as people who could help the further development of sports in China... That's a great honor, but also an opportunity to further expand this friendship".。

Asked to comment on the announcement of some people that they will boycott the Olympic Games due to their political attitudes and human rights allegations, Visacki reminded that sport should be outside politics.。

"This is truly a political topic and it should absolutely be separate from the representation of sportsmen at the Olympic Games. The public often forgets that ever since antiquity the Olympic Games were held quadrennially and that all political tensions and even wars would stop during Olympic Games."

"Our mind was set on something more valuable and higher than general life. This is something I wish for all the kids in the world to have, regardless of what is actually going on around them politically or in any other way. In that sense, sport is the purest thing we can do today.。

"There are a lot of challenges, like doping, cheating and many other negative things like any other field in life, but then the basic values of sport are well defined," he said. Enditem。




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