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Two men found guilty of Malcolm X murder to be exonerated******

Two men found guilty of the 1965 assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X are to have their convictions thrown out, one of them posthumously, in an admission by US authorities of a historic miscarriage of justice.。

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance was to hold a press conference yesterday to announce the exoneration of Muhammad A. Aziz and Khalil Islam.。

Aziz, 83, was sentenced to life in prison in 1966 but was released in 1985. Also sentenced to life, Islam was released in 1987 and died in 2009.。

"These men did not get the justice that they deserved," Vance said in an interview with The New York Times. "What we can do is acknowledge the error, the severity of the error."

The newspaper said that a 22-month investigation conducted jointly by the Manhattan district attorney's office and lawyers for the two men found that prosecutors, the FBI and the New York Police Department withheld evidence that would likely have led to the acquittal of the two men.。

A third man, Mujahid Abdul Halim, 80, confessed to Malcolm X's murder and was released from prison in 2010.。

Halim claimed during their 1966 trial that Aziz and Islam were innocent.。

All three were members of the black nationalist group Nation of Islam, which Malcolm X had renounced.。

Malcolm X was shot dead by three gunmen on February 21, 1965 as he prepared to deliver a speech in a Manhattan ballroom. Halim was taken into custody at the scene with a bullet wound to the leg.。

Aziz and Islam were arrested several days later. Both denied involvement in the assassination and provided alibis for where they were at the time of the shooting.。

Aziz said in a statement on Wednesday that "the events that brought us here should never have occurred; those events were and are the result of a process that was corrupt to its core ­­– one that is all too familiar – even in 2021."

"While I do not need a court, prosecutors, or a piece of paper to tell me I am innocent, I am glad that my family, my friends, and the attorneys who have worked and supported me all these years are finally seeing the truth we have all known, officially recognized."

Yesterday's press conference was also to be attended by civil rights attorney David Shanies and Barry Scheck, co-director of the Innocence Project.。

Shanies and the Innocence Project, a nonprofit which has secured the exoneration of hundreds of wrongfully convicted prisoners in the United States, collaborated with Vance's office in re-investigating the case.。

The review of the case followed the release of a Netflix docuseries "Who Killed Malcolm X?"

The Times said the re-investigation did not identify "who prosecutors now believe really killed Malcolm X, and those who were previously implicated but never arrested are dead."











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Tencent reports 13 pct revenue growth in Q3******

SHENZHEN, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- Chinese internet giant Tencent raked in approximately 142.4 billion yuan (about 22.27 billion U.S. dollars) in total revenue during the third quarter of 2021, up 13 percent year on year, according to a company financial statement released on Wednesday.。

The company's net profit, calculated on a non-IFRS basis in order to reflect its core earnings by excluding certain one-time or non-cash items, dropped 2 percent year on year to approximately 31.75 billion yuan during the same period.。

Notably, the company's revenues from the fintech and business services sectors increased 30 percent to approximately 43.3 billion yuan in the third quarter, accounting for nearly one-third of its total revenue.。

The company also disclosed data regarding its underage game players in its latest financial statement. On Sept. 1, Tencent began implementing a series of measures to comply with China's latest regulations on restricting the gaming time of its underage citizens.。

In September, the time minors spent gaming dropped to 0.7 percent of the company's total domestic gaming time recorded, a significant decline from the 6.4 percent recorded in September 2020.。

Minors accounted for 1.1 percent of Tencent's total domestic gaming income in September, a sharp decrease from the 4.8 percent recorded in September 2020. Enditem。






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