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Nigeria beats Liberia, one step closer to World Cup qualification******

RABAT, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- Nigeria defeated Liberia 2-1 Saturday in Tangier, Morocco, in a Group C match of the African qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.。

Gernot Rohr's squad beat the fellow West Africans courtesy of a pair of penalties scored by Victor Osimhen in the 15th minute and skipper Ahmed Musa in the 94th minute.。

The three-time African champions lead Group C with 12 points.。

In the second game of the group played Saturday in Praia, Cape Verde came from a goal down to beat Central Africa Republic 2-1 to remain second with 10 points, two behind Nigeria.。

Nigeria and Cape Verde will face off on Tuesday in Lagos in what will be a grand finale of Group C in the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022.。

Cape Verde is in a must win situation, while Nigeria just needs a draw to progress. Enditem。

魅蓝 Blus 积极降噪耳机开启预售:219元******

11月1日,魅蓝高新科技官方网公布,魅蓝 Blus 积极主动降噪耳机早已打开预购,市场价219元,这款商品将会在11月3日10:00和人们碰面。

先前发布的魅蓝 Blus具备12mm 大动圈震撼人心音色,30dB 降噪,4.75g 轻巧舒服配戴和 30h 较长续航力等优点。据了解,将要发布的魅蓝 Blus 将会在这里全能型以上再飞越。

魅蓝Blus 新品提升全新升级晴朗配色,宣传海报上掩藏了2个关键词,预估将会是这个新品增加的产品卖点之一。

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“户县葡萄”家族现身农高会 品牌估值超十一亿元******




  其中,鄠邑区的“户县葡萄”种植面积4.3万亩,年产量约8万吨。“户县葡萄”从露地种植发展到现代化园区设施栽培,从家庭农场发展到休闲观光采摘园,从无公害、绿色种植到控产提质,2020年品牌价值评估为11.71亿元,“户县葡萄”已成为鄠邑区对外交流的一张“紫色名片”。记者 骆妍



'Hannibal' star Gaspard Ulliel dies at 37 after ski accident******AFP。

This file photo taken on May 17, 2014 shows French actor Gaspard Ulliel posing during a photocall for the film "Saint-Laurent" at the 67th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes. French actor Gaspard Ulliel, 37, died in a skiing accident on January 19.。

French star Gaspard Ulliel, who played a young Hannibal Lecter and had a top role in a new Marvel TV series, died on Wednesday at 37 following a skiing accident, his family said.。

Ulliel was already in the top rank of French actors, and gained international attention for his performance as the famous cannibal in "Hannibal Rising" in 2007.。

He also had a leading role as Midnight Man in the new Marvel TV series "Moon Knight" starring Oscar Isaac, which launches on Disney in March.。

His family confirmed the death – which followed a skiing accident in southeast France on Tuesday – in a statement given to AFP by his agent.。

A spokesperson from the ski station said another skier crashed into Ulliel at the meeting of two slopes.。

He was airlifted to a hospital in Grenoble where he died on Wednesday, the agent said.。

Ulliel won a Cesar, the French equivalent of an Oscar, for best actor in 2017 for "It's Only the End of the World" in which he starred alongside Marion Cotillard and Lea Seydoux.。

He had already taken home a Cesar in 2005 for most promising actor after appearing in the World War I drama "A Very Long Engagement" alongside Audrey Tautou.。

He starred in "Saint Laurent", one of two biopics about the legendary designer to be released in 2014, though he lost out at the Cesars to the star of the rival film, Pierre Niney.。

Niney was one of the first to react on Twitter, saying: "Broken heart. Gaspard was benevolence and kindness. Beauty and talent."

Ulliel was born just outside Paris on November 25, 1984 and picked up a small scar from a dog bite as a child.。

He said it helped him because it looked like a dimple.。

He was just 11 when he started working on screen and picked up two Cesar newcomer nominations in 2003 and 2004 before finally winning the following year.。

There were also some major modelling gigs, including a contract as the face of a Chanel aftershave.。

One of his directors described him as something of an enigma.。

"He's a strange boy, difficult to penetrate," said Rodolphe Marconi, who directed him in one of his early films, "The Last Day".。



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