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Guizhou FC's future in doubt after players threaten to sue over unpaid wages******

BEIJING, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- The future of China's second-tier Guizhou FC is rumored to be in doubt after senior players threatened to lodge a lawsuit against the club over unpaid salaries.。

A letter signed by 27 Guizhou players emerged on Thursday night claiming that the club owed them as many as 14-and-a-half months' wages on top of sizable bonuses dating back to 2019.。

The players said in the letter that they had been tricked into signing documents at the beginning of this year to prove that they had been paid in full, so as to gain permission from the Chinese Football Association to play in this season's league.。

"We intend to uphold our legitimate rights and interests by resorting to legal means, and look forward to relevant authorities doing us justice," the players said in the letter.。

Guizhou player Zhao Hejing said that the club even could not afford a proper field for its players to train.。

"We had to work out in gyms or on cement road to maintain fitness," he said.。

The players said they will not play for Guizhou FC when the league resumes in a week's time, unless they get paid.。

The Guiyang-based club, which had reportedly dished out 10 million yuan (around 1.56 million U.S. dollars) in cash per game to inspire its players to victory in 2018 when they were struggling in the Chinese Super League (CSL) under Gregorio Manzano, has all but been put out of business, according to Chinese media.。

The club was banned by FIFA at the end of the 2020 season from introducing or registering any players for three years after they refused to pay 3.8 million euros in compensation to Manzano, who was sacked in June 2018 after guiding the club to only one win in 11 games.。

According to analysis from Chinese football journalist Bai Guohua, Guizhou FC will be left to fold with its debt, and a new club will be built, free of debt, to compete in China's four-tier league with the hope of playing in the CSL one day. Enditem。

Aussie couple plan private jet flight for dog stranded by Covid rules******

An Australian couple plans to shell out tens of thousands of dollars hiring a private jet to fly their stranded dog home from New Zealand in time for Christmas.。

Munchkin, a former Bali street dog, is stuck in New Zealand unable to travel to her owners' home on Australia's Sunshine Coast due to COVID border rules and flight disruptions.。

Owner Tash Corbin said after a five-month separation from Munchkin and her fiance, David Daynes, she had decided to hire a private jet costing Aus$45,000 (US$32,000) for her pooch and partner's trip to Australia.。

"The money part is not the number one driver, it's about who can most certainly get them home before Christmas," she said. "Christmas is a really big deal for us ... I just want us all to be together."

Pandemic-related disruptions mean there are few flights operating between New Zealand's South Island and airports near the Sunshine Coast.。

And traveling via New Zealand's North Island, where there is currently a virus outbreak, would put Daynes in a two-week quarantine lasting through much of the festive season.。

The couple is hoping to split the costs by recruiting passengers, offering to foot half of the jet bill while selling four remaining seats to other travelers, or perhaps hitching a ride on another private charter.。

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西安抽检元宵汤圆71批次 一批次元宵不合格被停售******



  本次专项抽检以餐饮店、超市、小食杂店等经营单位为重点,基本覆盖全市大部分区县,专项抽检项目为过氧化值、糖精钠。抽检依据GB19295-2011《食品安全国家标准速冻面米制品》、GB 2760-2014《食品安全国家标准食品添加剂使用标准》及产品明示标准进行。抽检的1批次不合格食品为西安曲江新区红勋腊汁肉店(地址:西安市莲湖区自强西路)加工、销售的花生味元宵,不合格项目为过氧化值超标。不合格批次的元宵已停止销售,并按规定进行核查处置。



  华商报记者 李婧



Violent volcanic eruptions have significant impact on Tonga******

The eruptions of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai valcano in Tonga on Friday and Saturday have a significant impact on the South Pacific island country, especially its capital Nuku'alofa.。

According to Tonga's news website Matangi Tonga Online, Friday's violent volcanic eruption continued for over 12 hours and the volcano also erupted for eight minutes on Saturday, sending plumes of ash into the sky.。

The Royal Palace grounds, the waterfront and main street were flooded in Nuku'alofa, but information about the extent of damage in the island country is unavailable because its communication with the outside world has been cut off since Saturday evening as a result of the volcanic eruptions.。

According to Radio New Zealand, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told a press conference Sunday afternoon that New Zealand High Commission in Nuku'alofa was in contact with local authorities and that damage assessments were underway.。

She said that the New Zealand High Commission said the tsunami waves had a significant impact on the foreshore on the northern side of Nuku'alofa, with boats and large boulders washed ashore. Shops along the coast were damaged, and there would be a need for a major cleanup.。

The undersea cable has been impacted, probably because of power cuts, and the Tongan authorities have been trying to restore communications, according to her.。

Ardern pledged that New Zealand will provide aid to Tonga and if necessary, New Zealand is ready to send planes and naval vessels. Reconnaissance flight will be useful in viewing the impact of the volcanic eruptions on the low-lying islands.。

Meanwhile, in Fiji, airborne ashes from Tonga are seen over the southernmost islands from Vatoa southward, with the ashes floating as far north as Tubou and Moala, and about to move to the island of Kadavu.。

Fiji's National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) said on Sunday that if the prevailing winds continue at the current level, airborne ashes could reach Fiji's central Lau and eastern Viti Levu, the major island of Fiji.。

The NDMO and the Fiji Meteorological Service have advised the people living on islands in the eastern area of the country to take necessary precautionary measures to avoid any exposure to the airborne volcanic ashes from Tonga.。

The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai valcano, about 65km north of Nuku'alofa, is part of the highly active Tonga-Kermadec Islands volcanic arc, a subduction zone extending from New Zealand north-northeast to Fiji. Over the past decades, the volcano has erupted several times.。

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