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US, Europe to remove some Russian banks from SWIFT, escalating economic sanctions******

The White House announced Saturday that the United States, joined by European nations and Canada, will remove some Russian banks from SWIFT, the payment system used for most international financial transactions.

This is a major move to escalate the West's economic sanctions against Moscow for its ongoing military operations in Ukraine.

The White House said in a joint statement that in concert with the European Commission, France, Germany, Italy, Britain and Canada, the United States is supporting the expulsion of "selected Russian banks" from SWIFT "within the coming days," so as to "further isolate Russia from the international financial system and our economies."

Kicking those Russian banks out of SWIFT, the high-security network that connects thousands of financial institutions worldwide, "will ensure that these banks are disconnected from the international financial system and harm their ability to operate globally," said the statement.

In addition, restrictive measures will be imposed to "prevent the Russian Central Bank from deploying its international reserves" in ways that undermine the impact of the Western sanctions, said the statement.

Measures will also be taken to limit the sale of the so-called "golden passports" to prevent "wealthy Russians connected to the Russian government" from becoming citizens of the aforementioned countries and to ensure that those individuals are unable to "gain access to our financial systems."

The leaders of those countries also vowed to launch in this coming week a joint task force to enforce the implementation of the financial sanctions.

The joint statement also called on other governments to "detect and disrupt" the flow of those Russian elites' gains and deny their ability to hide their assets in jurisdictions across the world.

Canada lifts travel ban from African nations, reimposes testing******


People travel to the United States of America at Pearson International Airport during the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto on December 3, 2021.。

Canada announced on Friday the lifting of a ban on foreign travelers from 10 African countries, while reimposing testing requirements and warning that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 risks quickly overwhelming hospitals.。

The travel restriction on flights from South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Eswatini, Namibia, Nigeria, Malawi and Egypt will end at 11:59pm on Saturday (4:59am GMT on Sunday), Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos told a news conference.。

The restriction had been announced last month "to slow the arrival of Omicron in Canada and buy us some time," he said. But with Omicron now spreading within Canada it is "no longer needed."

Pre-arrival negative PCR tests for all travelers would also be reinstated as of December 21, Duclos said, while repeating a government warning earlier this week that "now is not the time to travel."

Officials said laboratory tests have confirmed as of Friday nearly 350 cases of the Omicron variant across Canada.。

The total average daily COVID case count, meanwhile, has jumped by 45 percent in the past week to about 5,000.。

"It is expected the sheer number of (Omicron) cases could inundate the health system in a very short period of time," said Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam.。

Also on Friday, Ontario and British Columbia provinces reinstated limits on gatherings to 10 people through the Christmas holidays, following Quebec's lead a day earlier.。

Restaurants, gyms, shopping malls and other venues must also reduce crowd capacities by 50 percent.。

"Nothing will stop the spread of Omicron," Ontario Premier Doug Ford told a news conference. "It's just too transmissible."

"If we don't take every single precaution we can, the modelling tells a scary story," he added, echoing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who earlier tweeted about "scary" record COVID numbers.。

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计算摄影+智能通话,Google 首款自研芯片 Pixel 有哪些新看点?******摘要

同样是自研芯片,Google 的新 Pixel 6 手机却与苹果有着截然不同的画风。

北京时间 10 月 20 日凌晨一点,在苹果发布会结束的 24 小时之后,Google 秋季新品发布会也如期而至。

虽然相比于光环笼罩的苹果,Google 的新品发布并没有太高的关注度可言,但作为 Google 首款搭载自研芯片的 Android 手机,这款「亲儿子」在 2021 年还是有很多 Android 爱好者对其抱以很高的期待。

与之前曝光内容相同,Pixel 6 与 Pixel 6 Pro 分别有三种不同的配色, 除了黑/灰配色的「风暴黑」是两个版本共享之外,Pixel 6 的另两个配色为海沫色与珊瑚粉,相比于 Pixel 6 Pro 的云雾白/阳光黄要更加活泼。

说到 Google Tensor 芯片,这颗 Google 自研 SoC 采用了比高通骁龙 888 更为激进的两颗超大核的 2+2+4 八核心方案,同时引入了专用于处理 AI 运算场景的 TPU 模组:AI 算力也是本次 Pixel 系列很多功能更新的基础。

之前在 Pixel 手机上经常出现的协处理器 —— Titan M 安全芯片,这次也被 Google 直接整合进 Tensor 芯片中,在提升效能的同时也减少了协处理器所占据的主板面积。

得益于 Google 自研 SoC 的优势,Pixel 6 系列也是 Google 首款获得五年系统安全更新支持的 Android 手机,不过 Android 版本版本更新仍然维持了三年的标准,从出厂预装的 Android 12 开始,Pixel 6 系列用户直到 2024 年都能收到最新的 Android 版本更新。安全补丁更新则会一直持续到 2026 年。

随着 AI 算力的提升,Pixel 6 在系统中也加入了更多 AI 应用场景:比如拨打银行或客服电话时经常出现的「确认请按 #」等功能,到了 Pixel 6 上,不仅能借助 Google Assistant 语音助理将语音直接以转文字的方式显示在屏幕上,还能将给出的其各种选项以按钮的方式显示在屏幕上,用户只需点按对应的按钮,即可快速跳转到对应的服务,如果是拨打次数很多的热线电话,用户还能通过点击电话号码,查看号码在不同时段的等待时间,方便你选择等待时间较短的时段。

除了让拨打电话更加方便,Google 翻译也在 Pixel 6 上变得更加「智能」了:Pixel 6 可以借助 Tensor 的机器学习算法,将 Google 翻译的模型下载到本地,使 Pixel 6 可以在完全离线的状态下仍然得到快速准确的翻译结果;这一功能也被 Google 整合进 Gboard 输入法中,可以做到在输入法中打出中文,直接得到在聊天框中得到英文的效果。

说到输入法,Google 这次还针对输入法的语音输入场景做了深度定制,除了简单的语言转文字,你还可以通过直接语言命令:如「输入」「发送」「删除」等命令编辑文本,甚至可以直接通过语音输入对应的 Emoji 表情,让语言输入操作更加流畅。

影像系统也是本次 Pixel 6 系列在硬件上所作出的升级点:Pixel 6 与 Pixel 6 Pro 主摄像头均搭载了 5000 万像素 GN1 传感器,Pixel 6 Pro 还多了一个支持四倍光学变焦的 4800 万像素长焦镜头,并且支持 Google 自研的超分辨率功能,最高支持 20 倍数字变焦。

既然 Google 自研 SoC 是本次 Pixel 6 发布中最重要的宣传亮点,Google 也确实借助其增强的 AI 算力,来让 Pixel 6 的摄影功能变得更加智能;比如发布会中被重点介绍的「魔法橡皮」(Magic Eraser)功能,就可以在用户拍摄完成之后,借助算法,如魔术一般,从照片中删除某些物体:比如背景中突然抢镜的汽车或行人。

除了上述这些,Pixel 6 还是 Google 首款采用新 HDR 算法的手机,Google 号称能更好地捕捉各种肤色,让手机拍摄人像更加真实,同时 Pixel 6 相机还新增了脸部去模糊功能,能够自动识别拍摄对象脸部模糊的情况并进行修正,或是为照片背景增加动态模糊,来呈现出富有运动感的画面。

虽然 Pixel 可以说是开启手机计算摄影时代的先驱,但在手机视频录制上 Pixel 的表现一直称不上太好,这种情况在 Pixel 6 上有很大的改观:本次两款 Pixel 6 均支持 4K60FPS 视频录制,之前 Pixel 上出现的视频录制功能(如天文摄影)的计算速度也有明显提升。

除了 Pixel 6 系列本身之外,Google 还一同发布了 Pixel 6 的保护壳:材质从前代 Pixel 常用的织物变为了略显廉价的磨砂塑料,但为 Pixel 6 标志性的相机模组设计留出了足够的空间,售价 29 美元。

作为一项 Google 尝试将软硬件结合的探索,Google 还一同推出了 Pixel Pass 订阅服务:加入这一订阅计划的用户不仅可以每两年得到一部最新的 Pixel 手机以及更方便的售后维修服务,还包括 Google 旗下软件服务:例如 YouTube 会员、Google Play Pass 游戏订阅 以及 Google One 存储空间的使用权。这一服务起价 45 美元 / 月,目前仅限美国地区可以订阅。

另外,Google 为 Pixel 系列手机定制的无线充电器 Pixel Stand 也针对 Pixel 6 系列发布了二代版本,Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro 分别支持 21W/23W 无线充电,为其他支持 Qi 协议的设备充电最高支持 15W;内部还搭载了一个主动冷却风扇,用户可以在 Pixel 6 的配对 App 上调节散热风扇转速,以在效能与静音之间作出取舍。售价 79 美元。

最后在 Pixel 6 系列本身的售价上,Pixel 6 起售价为 599 美元,Pixel 6 Pro 则为 899 美元,目前仍是预售阶段,将在 10 月 28 日正式开售。

本文由极客公园 GeekPark 原创发布,转载请添加极客君(ID:geekparker)。

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