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Diageo's planned distillery in China breaks ground******

KUNMING, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- London-based premium spirits maker Diageo has started building its first malt whisky distillery in China.。

With a planned investment of 75 million U.S. dollars, the project broke ground on Tuesday in Eryuan County, southwest China's Yunnan Province.。

China is the world's largest beverage alcohol market. The demand for whisky is growing rapidly among middle-class consumers keen to discover further and enjoy fine whiskies, prompting the company to set up a distillery here, said Sam Fischer, president of Diageo Asia Pacific and Global Travel.。

Located at an altitude of more than 2,100 meters, the site of the 66,000-square-meter distillery was selected for its mild climate and access to natural spring water.。

The site will feature an immersive and interactive visitor center that will attract whisky lovers and boost the local cultural tourism industry. Also, renewable and clean technologies will be adopted in the project.。

"The natural surroundings and the Eryuan landscape will allow us to craft a world-class, China-origin, single malt whisky that will capture the imagination of premium whisky lovers in China," Fischer said. Enditem。

山西财大一名学生体育课时突然倒地 经抢救无效死亡******






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Chinese Kung Fu gains popularity in Africa******

Chinese martial arts, or Kung Fu, conjures up an image of the iconic movie star Bruce Lee, whose superb fighting skills were popularized throughout the world.。

Over the years, Africa has witnessed the making of several Bruce Lee-wannabes with wushu, the Mandarin-language term for martial arts, which have become popular across the continent.。

Healthy living。

Students of the martial arts believe that Chinese Kung Fu promotes healthy living.。

"Practicing Chinese Kung Fu, not only builds discipline and respect, it makes you feel healthy and fit," said Emile Rukundo, vice president of the Rwandan Chinwoo Wushu Kung Fu Academy.。

The academy started in 2017 and has been receiving Kung Fu teachers from China. About 50 people, including young people, are trained in Kung Fu at the school.。

"Kung Fu has become a popular sport in Rwanda, particularly among school-age children. They find it interesting because it keeps their body in shape, and it teaches them self-defense and self-control," said Rukundo.。

According to Rukundo, the Confucius Institute at the University of Rwanda and the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda have supported the academy through organizing Kung Fu competitions, which have motivated young Rwandans to learn Kung Fu.。

"Chinese martial arts teach an excellent way of life," said Dawit Terefe, an Ethiopian Chinese martial arts instructor, adding that the sport helps people become strong, healthy, stay in good shape and develop excellent concentration.。

Terefe added that Chinese martial arts are lifetime physical exercises and are performed with balanced movements between the legs and hands, making them preferable to other exercises.。

Development plan。

"The promotion of the Chinese martial arts feature prominently in the 2021 government's sports development strategy," said John Mapepele, a senior communications officer with the Tanzanian Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sports.。

According to Mapepele, Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan has directed the ministry to ensure that Chinese martial arts is incorporated in the country's sports and culture development plans.。

"The government of Tanzania is giving much support to Chinese martial arts which are attracting tens of thousands of Tanzanians, especially the youth," Mapepele told Xinhua at the inaugural Tanzania women sports festival dubbed Tanzanite in September, where Kung Fu was featured by young Tanzanian girls aged 10 to 14 years old.。

"Tens of hundreds of visitors come here to watch the girls showing their prowess in Kung Fu," said Athuman Begeja, a 31-year-old Kung Fu teacher at Begeja Wushu Club located in Ilala District in Dar es Salaam.。

Begeja said during the three-day festival his club received over 100 inquiries from girls who want to join and train in Kung Fu.。

Kung Fu goes viral。

The Kung Fu frenzy is sweeping the continent thanks to the friendly relations between China and Africa, cemented through the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the Belt and Road Initiative, among others.。

Humphrey Moshi, a professor of economics at state-run University of Dar es Salaam and Director of the Center for Chinese Studies in Tanzania, told Xinhua in a recent interview that the relationship between China and Africa has become stronger since the establishment of the forum.。

"We have seen tangible improvement in sectors ranging from agriculture and communications, construction, manufacturing, culture, sports and games, and people to people exchanges," said Moshi.。

The number of Kung Fu clubs in Rwanda organized under the Rwanda Kung-fu Wushu Federation has been growing in recent years, and the total stands at 31 this year, with over 2,000 registered members.。

Also, according to a recent report by the Ethiopian Martial Arts Federation, there are over 800 martial arts training centers across Ethiopia, Africa's second-most populous nation.。

Among them, 60 are found in Addis Ababa and each appears to offer martial arts training for about 70 students each season, and a Wushu club exists in every small town in Ethiopia, the report indicated.。

The Chinese martial arts are winning the hearts and souls of the Ethiopian youth, Terefe said.。

China to extend tax incentives for overseas investors to attract more foreign investment******

BEIJING, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- China will extend the preferential tax policy for overseas investors investing in the mainland bond market, as part of its efforts to promote opening-up and attract foreign investment, the State Council's executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang decided on Wednesday.

The meeting noted that China will continue to expand opening-up, leverage the strengths of its big domestic market and foster a more enabling business environment. More will be done to attract foreign investment and encourage more foreign investors to participate in China's domestic development through the bond market.

"We will make greater efforts to attract foreign investment, and welcome overseas investors to our bond market on the mainland," Li said.

The meeting decided that the policy to exempt overseas institutional investors from corporate income tax and value-added tax on their bond interest gains arising from investment in the mainland bond market will be extended till the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), i.e. December 31, 2025.

Competent departments shall go through the record-filing process with the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in accordance with laws and regulations, and in the meantime strengthen market regulation and curb irregularities such as excessive speculation and market manipulation.

"We should respond proactively to the concerns of market entities, effectively conduct cross-cyclical adjustments and anchor market expectations to help enterprises survive and thrive," Li said. Enditem



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