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Francesco Friedrich continues two******

BERLIN, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- German Olympic bobsleigh Champion Francesco Friedrich performed a stunning second run to secure a comeback win in two-man bobsleigh in the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation (IBSF) World Cup series in Altenberg, Germany on Saturday.。

With several small errors, Friedrich along with his brakeman Alexander Schueller only finished third with 55.06 seconds in the first run, behind compatriots Johannes Lochner/Christopher Weber and Rostislav Gaitiukevich/Mikhail Mordasov of Russia.。

In their second run, however, Friedrich clocked the best time of 54.90s to take the lead, taking his 40th World Cup victory with a total time of one minute 49.96 seconds, 0.24 seconds clear of Lochner/Weber.。

Russian duo Gaitiukevich/Mordasov finished third with a narrow 0.03 seconds disadvantage.。

With three World Cup victories this season, Friedrich continues to lead the overall IBSF World Cup 2021/2022 rankings with 675 points. Lochner and Gaitiukevich are second and third with 630 and 568 points respectively.。

In the Women's Monobob World Series, World Champion Kaillie Humphries from the United States took her first win of the season in 2:00.57.。

Appiah Cynthia from Canada (2:00.63) and the host monobob player Nolte Laura (2:01.10) finished second and third respectively. Enditem。

佳能不畏尼康Z 9? 顶级旗舰EOS R12022年发布******

    上星期nikon宣布推送了旗舰的全画幅微单照相机Z 9,其作用和规格型号确实能够说得上震撼人心全部业内,尽管合理清晰度和连拍不一定彻底比得过sonyA1,但视頻层面能够拍攝8K持续拍攝两小时,并在未来可固定件0升級至8K 60p 12bit,比佳能eos和sony部分专业型的电影机还需要强!并且标价上不仅较平级的sonyA1划算12000元(nikonZ 9官方网市场价35999元),也比次旗舰级的佳能eosEOS R3还划算(36999元)! 

    而就在近日,海外的一些传言网址曝料接到一些信息,指出年末佳能eos将会出现一款比EOS R3更高档的型号发布,那应当便是EOS R1了,且还传言新手机的特点将大幅度超过现阶段已公布的全部竞争对手,包含nikonZ 9! 

    尽管这种由传言不一定彻底沒有效率性,但客观事实是现阶段连EOS R3由于供应缘故,如今都还未宣布发布市面上,按常情其更高档的型号,至少也得须要一年以后发布,才可让EOS R3有基础的有效時间在销售市场中市场销售,不然反会让掏钱买照相机的拥护者心寒。并且即然在一年或是更久后才发布,其尺寸较敌人如今的型号强悍也是理所应当的事。


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The Merkel rhombus: How a hand gesture became a brand******


This file photo taken on November 10, 2021 shows German Chancellor Angela Merkel (center) forming her typical hand gesture, the so-called "Merkel-Raute" (known in English as Merkel Rhombus, Merkel Diamond or Triangle of Power), as she poses with Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (left) and her son, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark during a reception at the Chancellery in Berlin.。

Hands resting in front of the stomach, thumbs and fingertips touching to form a diamond shape – Angela Merkel's "rhombus" hand gesture was her most recognizable trademark.。

The gesture has its own Wikipedia page, its own emoticon, "<>", and the longtime German leader has even been immortalized adopting the pose at London's famous Madame Tussauds waxworks museum.。

But the "Merkel-Raute," as it is known in German, became her signature largely by accident – born from a camera-shy Merkel being unsure how to pose during a photo shoot for Stern magazine in 2002.。

Then head of the Christian Democrats (CDU) but still three years away from being elected as chancellor for the first time, Merkel "didn't know what to do with her hands," photographer Claudia Kempf later recalled.。

"She let them hang down next to her, which made her look a bit exposed, or she joined them together. I said to her, 'You look too much like a pastor's daughter'," Kempf told the Rheinische Post newspaper in 2009.。

A few months before German elections in 2013, Merkel offered her own explanation of how the gesture had come about.。

"It's about the question of where to put your arms," said the trained physicist, adding that the rhombus also showed "a certain love of symmetry."

At the time of that interview, Merkel was campaigning for a third term in office.。


This file photo taken on September 22, 2013 shows people walking by a giant election billboard featuring German Chancellor Angela Merkel's famous diamond-shape hands gesture also known as Merkel rhombus that is displayed on the construction site of a hotel in Berlin.。

The whole parliament comes up for renewal in German federal elections, but her CDU party had decided on a very personalized campaign.。

A billboard 70 meters wide by 20 meters tall was erected near Berlin's central station featuring a giant image of the Merkel rhombus, made up of over 2,000 photographs of hands, with the slogan "Germany's future in good hands."

The rival Social Democrats (SPD) slammed what they called an "empty personality cult" around Merkel, while the Greens lamented: "If this is politics, we have fallen very low."

But the woman affectionately nicknamed "Mutti" (mummy) won the election by a wide margin a few weeks later, with the Merkel rhombus becoming "probably one of the most recognizable hand gestures in the world," according to Britain's Guardian newspaper.。

The gesture has also been likened to a bridge, a protective roof, and even a sign made between Illuminati members to identify themselves.。

"I believe the Merkel rhombus was initially adopted unconsciously," said Jochen Hoerisch, a communications specialist at the University of Mannheim.。

"But once it had been noticed by the public it was then consciously used by the chancellor as a brand."


An employee assembles an incense smoker featuring Angela Merkel making her typical "rhombus" hand gesture.。

Even in the twilight of Merkel's political career, the gesture was once again catapulted into the spotlight during this year's election campaign when SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz adopted it on a magazine cover.。

Scholz used the gesture in a photo shoot for the Sueddeutsche Zeitung – part of his strategy to position himself as the true Merkel continuity candidate, as opposed to Armin Laschet, the challenger from Merkel's party.。

This claim on Merkel's legacy prompted a backlash from the CDU and even from Merkel herself, who was at pains to point out that there were "enormous differences" between herself and Scholz.。

German bob and skeleton athletes praise China's new Olympic track******

By Oliver Trust

BERLIN, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) -- German bobsleigh and skeleton athletes praised the new Yanqing track for Beijing 2022 after pre-Olympic test runs there.

Yanqing, a northern suburb of Beijing and one of the three competition zones of Beijing 2022, played host to bobsleigh and skeleton test runs between October 5 and 27.

German bobsleigh head coach Rene Spies called the venue "architecturally outstanding" as it is "smoothly embedded in the landscape."

China's organizers have created a "challenging competition site that doesn't allow any mistakes", the German coach said, adding that his team would need to perform at a high level to live up to their tag as pre-tournament favorites.

Returning to Germany, Spies called the trip to China ahead of several European Cup events a success, "as everything was perfectly organized."

Like Spies, athletes discussed the strict COVID-19 countermeasures in place for the Games, but emphasized that they fully accept the rules.

All German athletes, coaches, and staff are fully vaccinated, the association revealed.

"We felt comfortable despite the rules. We were somehow isolated but could entirely focus on our sports," Mariama Jamanka said.

The 2018 Olympic gold medal winner added, "We need to see the entire picture. The Olympics are the peak for athletes. To be able to compete is the primary target."

Compatriot Laura Nolte said that everyone is used to the restrictions. "I don't see a big problem. The fact is, in sports, we too have to live with it."

Nolte called the track tricky but safe. "There are many parts you enjoy driving."

2018 Olympic champion Francesco Friedrich called the regulations tight, "but after all, we are preparing for the Olympic Games, not a regional event."

For Friedrich, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a threat to all events. "It doesn't make sense to think about the measures, but instead use your energy to deliver a satisfying competition," he commented, adding that it is vital to keep one's speed from the start to cover the flat parts of the Yanqing track.

Seven-time skeleton world champion Tina Hermann spoke of an impressive track, while fellow skeleton athlete Jaqueline Lolling felt inspired by the scenery.

The building delivers "pure motivation and inspires you to compete at the highest level," the 2018 Olympic silver medalist added.

Germany skeleton head coach Christian Baude said he is optimistic for the Olympics after the preparation camp. "If you understand the characteristics of the track, you get along well."

Four-time Olympic champion and tobogganist Natalie Geisenberger said she is excited to experience a new track. "I might have seen all of them in my career. It's thrilling to see a new one now," she added.

Geisenberger takes off for test runs in China with the sledge team next Wednesday. "It's my fourth Olympics and I still want to win medals." Enditem

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